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We Offer a Wide Range of Products & Services to Meet Your Needs

Design & Labelling

At Specialised Chemicals, we offer a private label service, with a discrete filling or blending service, working with major brands already in the marketplace.

We can offer various print options and substrates to ensure you get the finish you desire. We can update your existing designs with the latest regulatory information to ensure your product is always compliant.

We use various design suites, and can work with various file types to ensure compatibility with your artwork.


Paper Color Palette

Specialised Chemicals Ltd are a specialist aerosol filler with a wide range of design and fill options. Please get in contact with us with your requirements to see how we can help.


We can contract mix & fill your requirements on site, or fill supplied product discretely to meet your needs

For more information please contact us.

Tel: 01476 567615



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